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We are a top solar company in the Baja region with over 10 years experience in the field and always with the newest technology on the market period!

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Solar panels, plans, batteries and beyond

Discover a brighter future with Baja Sun Tech

Intro to solar and batteries

Interest in going solar but not sure where to start? Check out our guide to solar panels, inverters, batteries, installation and more.

Home solar energy plans

Find the right solar energy plan for your needs. We can help make sure you’re on the best plan for you.

Track your solar savings

Monitor your home energy use, check how much solar you’re exporting to the grid and see the whole process.

Maintenance and support

Extend the lifespan of your solar system with regular cleaning and servicing. Our technicians can help with maintenance, repairs, upgrades and more.

Manuals and warranties

Download the user manuals, warranties and technical specifications for supplied solar panels, inverters, batteries, and solar system accessories.

Savings for life

It helps the environment

Most of us don’t know where our energy comes from. Tapping into what’s already on your roof just makes sense — and the planet will thank you for it.

It’s the future

Almost everything we use on a daily basis, which increasingly includes cars, relies on electricity. It only makes sense to power them ourselves.

It can provide savings

Utility rates are increasing nationwide, and are influenced by global events. When you tap into the abundant energy surrounding you, that’s not an issue.

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